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Finest Leather Jackets for Men and Women

A fine leather jacket is a must to spice up your fashion game. Leather jackets have been popular for a long time and haven’t lost their position in the fashion industry. Having a luxury feel and being versatile, leather jackets hold a high place among the influencers and well-known personalities’ lists of favourite apparel.


Having a comparatively higher weight, leather jackets provide you with a luxurious feel that you cannot have with their alternatives.


At Pinesmax, we consider quality as the highest parameter of a product’s success. And to meet the quality standard, we must consider our customers’ demands and likes.


We at Pines Max, are committed to getting you the highest quality leather jackets. Here, you will find a very broad range of men and women leather jackets at a fair price – some of the most affordable prices that you can see on the market.


So be it a men bomber jacket, a women bomber jacket, or even a women motorcycle jacket, we have got you covered.


One of the things that stand out about our jackets is the luxurious feel paired with high durability and longevity. We fabricate our leather jackets to bear a rough and tough environment. So, you will get style with quality combined.


Perks of Shopping at Pines Max

At PinesMax, our core belief is that a leather jacket must enhance your personality as well as comfort. Performance combined with style is what you get at PinesMax. This means that putting on a leather jacket from Pines Max will ensure to maintain the temperature along with dapper.


Below are the core values that we care about while crafting the best leather jackets in town.


  • Pure Quality: Quality is our top priority. And according to us, quality means meeting the customer requirements. That’s why we have always been conducting and widening our customer research. We craft our jackets with pure leather making them softer and breathable. So that you can feel pretty comfortable and easy while wearing a PInesMax Jacket.


  • Fulfil Customer Demands: Just focusing on style and looks is not enough. Only those products which fulfil their expectations can perform better in the long run. Hence, we always ensure that our leather jackets are up to the customer's demands.


  • Zero Shading Defects: Will you buy a men black leather jacket which, after some time turns into a grey shade?


That’s why we always ensure that our products do not have any fade-out issues. All our processes are according to this philosophy. And we call it the philosophy of “Zero Shading Defects”.


  • Stylish Look: To glorify the personality, a leather jacket must have a stylish design. PinesMax offers you a wide range of stylish-looking men and women leather jackets as well. So, when you are wearing one from PinesMax, you might end up catching some eyes.


  • Fine Input, Finer Output: You can never get a high-quality output if you are not using high-quality input. Hence, we only procure the finest quality raw material. Which include 100% pure leather, finest quality zippers, metals, etc. These raw materials are then transformed into the finished product that you wear.


Leather Jackets for Men and Women Styling Since the Early 1900s

If you think that leather jackets got popular recently then you need to know more about the world of leather jackets. You would be surprised to know that the first men’s leather jacket was worn in the early 1900s. It all happened when the pilots from Germany started wearing men's brown leather jackets during the First World War. Later on, they were named men bomber jacket.


At that time, the brown or black leather jacket men started to wear as an alternative to aviators and flight jackets were a far better choice for the pilots. Because the pilots had to be exposed to extremely cold weather, a leather jacket is the best option for protection against cold.


In 1928, Irving Schott made a revolution in the world of men’s leather jackets. It was all because of his invention that the leather jackets transited into the fashion industry from war apparel. Irving Schott invented a jacket which is now known as a brown or black leather motorcycle jacket. He named this product after his favourite cigar company - Perfecto.


He also removed the buttons from the leather jacket and replaced them with a stylish-looking metal zipper. He sold his product for only $5.50.


After the invention of the motorcycle jacket, leather jackets started to gain popularity in the fashion world. In 1953, the leather jacket first appeared in Hollywood. Marlon Brando was the first person to wear a motorcycle jacket on screen. And this was in his famous film The Wild One. This act influenced the general public and created a new terminology in the world of leather jackets. And that is known as “Movie Jackets”.


Back in the early days, it was thought that a leather jacket was only meant for men. However, the stereotype was put to an end around the 1970s and 1980s when Joan Jett wore a black women's leather jacket on screen.


After this, the fashion continued and the manufacturers started making women leather jackets.


Since then, leather jackets have never seen a downfall. It has only inclined in the fashion industry demand. Nowadays, we can see that leather jackets are worn by men, women, and even kids as well.


Products We Offer at PinesMax

At PinesMax, we are always trying to widen our product range. However, the first priority for us is to ensure that our existing products are up to the quality standards. Hence, we are always trying to improve the quality of our products. Following is a range of the type of products you can find at PinesMax.



Leather Jackets & Coats Frequently Asked Questions:

What Payment Methods are available at PinesMax?

You can pay for your product at PinesMax using PayPal, GooglePay, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, Stripe, and AmericanExpress.


Are my Financial Details Safe?

We only store your personal details for order processing. The financial details of our customers are only processed by the merchant provider. Debit/Credit Card details are not stored on our website.


What is the Refund Policy?

We have a 30 days easy return policy. However, you will have to inform us within 3 days about returning the item. Customized Jackets and Coats are non-refundable. Shipment charges will be on the buyer in case of returning. No returns shall be entertained if the tags are removed.


How long will my order take to get delivered?

We try our best to ship your orders within 10 days after ordering. Out of which, 5-7 days are for producing your make-to-order and 3-5 days are for the delivery.


Which Courier Sevices are available for delivery?

We use specific delivery services for delivery like FedEx, DHL, UPS and USPS.



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