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About Us

Our philosophy

Living design

Fashion design is a type of art you can express with people by wearing on your skin. It allows you to express yourself in your true form and the values that took part in making you’re the person you are now. Our fashion line is based on the idea that our future version would be the best version of ourselves. We offer the wardrobe for the future better version of ourselves which can express ourselves through their clothing. 

Reflection of our experience

The outfits curated for you are formed with keen interest and expertise. Our designs are based on many inspirations we have had in the journey of the fashion world. Our designs are not only contemporary but sustainable as well. All the designs hold some part of our ancient fashion roots and different communities of the world we are closely bonded to. 

Close relationship

A clothing item shouldn’t have to be just a clothing item. When you know the entire birth process of a clothing article, you will be able to form a special bond with that item. The purchase will be worthwhile, and this is what happens when you have independent designers working with you for this. The design and manufacturing process is clear as day to you. This helps you form a great relationship with your clothing item.